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It all started when I got pregnant with my first baby. We didn't want to know the gender of the child, but the foreseeing mother in me was adamant that we get a few pieces of clothing in advance. I spent a lot of time looking for gender-neutral clothes. Plus, the simplistic side of me did not want any writings or cartoons. More often than not, I resigned myself and bought boy's clothes, which was the best I could find.


Finally! It's a girl! I thought it would be easier to dress my child knowing her gender, but I don't want pink, glitters, or frills. I continued having a hard time dressing her. Besides, I tell myself that the clothes I give to my daughter, its perhaps a little brother who will inherit it. I might as well continue with the gender neutral.

Every time I would buy clothes,  I would open the package and think to myself it smelled like a plastic factory. Our poor planet ... Many times,  I would go to the children's section in second-hand stores, but rarely found something I like.

The seamstress in me wakes up! I know how to sew and I know where to find gender-neutral fabrics, so why not sew the clothes myself? Unfortunately, I am once again disappointed to find that the fabrics found in stores, in addition to smelling like a plastic factory, rarely meet all of my criteria.

My solution? Reclaiming fabrics to make children's clothes! Finding quality fabrics to salvage is not that easy, and it is never in large quantities, so it makes my life a little harder. Plus, as absurd as it may sound, it's more expensive to salvage fabrics than to buy new ones. Still, I sincerely think it's all worth it, not only for environmental reasons, but also to meet a real need for minimalist and gender neutral clothing.


When I see my little Lucie dressed all in reclaimed wool, my heart melts.

I would like to offer other parents the chance to dress their little ones in minimalist, eco-friendly and good quality clothes. I make it a personal goal and that's where the idea to create the Lili Bine company came from.

With their simple and gender neutral patterns, their neutral colors and their timeless cuts, Lili Bine products are designed to meet the needs of conscientious parents in addition to being soft and comfortable.

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